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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions we are asked most often…

What Gutter Cover Product Is Best?

 Our top seller is LeafBlaster Pro which features a stainless steel micro mesh that allows only water through it eliminating future gutter cleaning. This product is designed for standard 5” & 6” gutters and can either be installed with a new gutter system, or if your current gutters are in good condition, your current gutters can be cleaned and if necessary resecured, and then they are ready for the LeafBlaster Pro system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes! We are happy to announce our recent partnership with Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital) to offer you a variety of financing options- INCLUDING 18 MONTHS SAME AS CASH! (New as of 2015) You may also choose to go with other interest bearing payment plans. Give us a call today for more information or to fill out the simple application. We also accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover; or you may choose to pay in full upon completion of job with check or money order.

Do You Give Free Estimates?

Yes! We not only give you a FREE estimate, we would like to emphasize that we give a “TRULY FREE, NO HASSLE ESTIMATE”! It is our philosophy at Rain-A-Way that we do our best to give you a fair and honest price for the work you need – no more, no less. We will not try to sell you something that you do not need, but we will also be frank with you about what you need to correct any problems you may be having. We are not in the business of offering “fake” discounts by jacking up the “regular” price of our products and services and offering “2 for 1” deals and the like to make it sound like a great price. We will never offer you a “discounted” price if you “sign up now”, but a higher price if you take some time to consider it. We respect our customers and desire to have an honest relationship with them so that you may consider us in future years for any additional home improvement needs.

Also, WE NEVER USE HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS to get a job. Our employees do not work on commission. You will not have to make an appointment with us to get an estimate – if you give us all the information we need on the phone, our estimator will be able to come to your home, alert you that he is there, and do the necessary measuring to give you a complete estimate. In some instances, there may be a need for us to gain access inside your home to check out leaks, etc., in which case we will set up an appointment for this.

Do You Give Pricing Over the Phone?

We do not give pricing over the phone because there are many variables in the scope of work for each different job. If you have any questions about the proposal/estimate that we submit to you, we encourage you to call us. Because we give a free estimate, there is of course, no obligation to purchase.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with all liability and Workers Compensation insurance required.

Are All Installers On Your Payroll?

Most of our installers are on our payroll and employed directly by us. However, we do use subcontractors for some of our installations. We are very familiar with our subs and have used them for a long time. In fact, most of our subs were former Rain-A-Way employees who decided to start their own business – to get THEIR piece of the American Entrepreneurial Pie! We salute them! We never use temps or “day workers”.

Do You Do Repairs As Well As Complete Replacements?

Yes, we do repair work. If our estimator finds that a repair is sufficient to correct the problem, it will usually be done on a Time and Material basis; however, there are times when we will be able to give you an estimated cost before doing work.

Occasionally, if our estimator believes that a repair will not be sufficient to remedy your problem, he will recommend replacement of defective product (i.e. roof, gutter, downspout, siding, etc.) and will usually call you to discuss, then will submit a detailed proposal to you outlining the scope of work and the cost.

Do You Offer Warranties?

All of the materials we use for new installations carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Rain-A-Way also offers a 5 year labor warranty on all new installations. If there are any deficiencies in the installation of products, we will correct it up to 5 years after initial installation. We do not offer warranties on repair work – repair work in general is a way to buy you more time before complete replacement becomes necessary and is not designed to be a permanent solution to a problem.