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Rain-A-Way Exteriors provides Mastic Home Exterior gutter and downspout products. Mastic has a wide color palette and has a superior dirt resistant paint finish. We field extrude 6″ .032 aluminum and 5″ .027 seamless aluminum gutters. Common downspout sizes are 3″x4″ .019 aluminum and 2″x3″ .019 aluminum downspout pipe and elbows.

All gutters are installed using Petit brand hidden “monster” hangers which are made of .081 thick aluminum and are 1.5″ wide. The Petit hanger is the heaviest duty hanger available on the market, and since gutters pulling loose are the biggest repair issue, we feel that this is the most important part of our installation. A 2 3/4″ coated screw is used and secured into truss tails 2′ on center or rafter tails 32″ on center.

Mitered gutter corners are hand cut, fastened together, then sealed using superior Geocel 2320 sealant.

20 oz. copper 5″ & 6″ seamless K style gutters and 16 oz. copper downspouts are also available. All end caps, outlet tubes, and mitered gutter corners are soldered. Hidden brass bar hangers and stainless steel screws are used in this installation.

1/2 round style copper or galvanize gutters are available in maximum 25′ lengths and are normally installed using a brass cradle hanger for copper and steel is used for galvanize.

Rain-A-Way offers a commercial size 7″ gutter, produced by Metal Panel Systems, available in aluminum or steel with a Kynar 500 paint finish.  This gutter system is typically offered in maximum 40′ lengths and is installed with hidden 16 ga. steel hangers located 2′ on center using a 2 3/4″ coated screw. 4″x5″ size downspouts are the common size to accommodate the normally larger roof size.

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Gutter Repairs

If only gutter repairs are required, we have the solution!  Most of the time we find gutters that have been installed with gutter spikes that pull out of the rafters, and consequently, the gutter system starts separating from the fascia board.  If this is caught in time before the gutter falls off entirely or starts pulling the fascia boards loose, the existing gutter spikes can be replaced with 1″ longer ring shank steel gutter spikes. If the existing gutters were attached with spikes spaced 4′ on center, then a hidden hanger system can also be added between the current spikes and secured into either a truss of rafter tail.

Keep in mind that your gutters get very heavy when they fill up with leaves or ice and snow in the winter.  We have many repeat maintenance customers each spring and fall that simply have us remove debris from their gutters, inspect, and make any repairs necessary.