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Heat Cables

How Ice Dams Form

Have you experienced leaking inside your home that started with ice damming of your gutters?

Rain-A-Way Exteriors offers installation of heat cable systems. Heat cables will help eliminate ice damming and its potential damaging consequences. These systems can either be manually or thermostat operated.

Typically, the installation would start by dropping the heating element end of the heat cable inside the downspout extending it underground approximately 2′.  This is done to ensure that the downspout does not freeze any water that trickles down – during periods of especially cold temperatures, the metal downspout will start to freeze from the outside-in, and eventually it will build up enough ice so that it prevents water from passing through.

The other end of the cable will be fastened with clips along the back of the gutter making sure that the cable line is not laying in the bottom of the gutter. When the cable reaches the other end of the gutter it is extended up onto the roof shingles and zigzagged back to the downspout end where it is plugged into an electrician provided GFI plug installed under the eave.

We have a preferred electrician that can be provided.

Heat Cables to Prevent Ice Damming

Heat Cables to Prevent Ice Damming