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Gutter Covers

Accessing your gutters for cleaning is not a safe do-it-yourself project. Most homeowners do not know how to safely set up a ladder, and it can be expensive to purchase a quality ladder.

Rain-A-Way Exteriors recommends LeafBlaster Pro by Gutterglove. LeafBlaster Pro uses stainless steel mesh with Z-bend technology that provides rigidity in the mesh to handle heavy debris while maximizing rainwater filtration while using an aluminum frame to fasten to your gutters.This system prevents all leaves and debris from entering the gutter including pine needles and roof shingle granules. Debris that lies on top of the mesh simply blows off with a gentle wind.


Rain-A-Way also installs Leaf Relief, which is a perforated flat aluminum cover that prevents the majority of debris from entering the gutter. Any debris small enough to get past the small holes will flush out of the gutter with rainfall. Leaf Relief is also available in copper for both standard sizes and 1/2 round style gutters.

Leaf Relief by PlyGem

Rain-A-Way also offers other more economical, but less effective, gutter cover systems such as Bulldog or standard drop-in aluminum mesh gutter covers.